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  • Visual Studio Magazine Readers Choice Awards for the win!

    Visual Studio Magazine has just announced its 2012 Readers Choice Awards and DevExpress is well represented among the winners with eight Gold awards and three Silvers:

    Chart, Gauge & Graph Components – GOLD

    XtraCharts Suite

    Component Suite: Desktop – GOLD

    DXperience Enterprise

    Component Suite: Web – SILVER

    DXperience ASP.NET Edition

    Databases, Data Development & Modeling – SILVER

    eXpress Persistent Objects (XPO)

    General Development Tools (Includes IDEs) – SILVER


    Grid & Spreadsheet Components – GOLD

    XtraGrid Suite

    PDF & Print/Preview – GOLD

    XtraPrinting Library

    Reporting, Data Analysis & Visualization – GOLD

    XtraReports Suite

    Software Design, Frameworks & Modeling Tools – GOLD

    eXpressApp Framework (XAF)

    Text, OCR, Scanning & Barcode Components – GOLD

    DevExpress Rich Text Editor

    UI, Toolbar, Menu & Ribbon Components – GOLD

    XtraBars Suite

    Now winning such awards always evoke good feelings, of that there is no doubt. But in this case, these awards were the results of votes by the readers of the magazine, which magnifies the sentiment. In other words it was our customers, people like yourself, who took the time to mark the ballot in our favor. Thank you to everyone who did so, you are the best customers a company could wish for!

    Not only that, but I notice that some of the products that gained awards have done so last year too, And the year before that. Wow, we must be really on the right track if these products keep on winning awards year after year. Rest assured though that we shall not rest on these particular laurels: we are frantically (er, nimbly, or perhaps agilely) preparing version 12.2 of DXperience. Remember we’ve already announced the release date – December 3, 2012 – so our feet are becoming toasty from being so close to the fire!

    Let’s see what develops…


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