What’s coming in XAF 13.2 – Webinar

06 August 2013

String around finger as reminderThis post is for all the XAF fans out there: I’m presenting a webinar on the features we’re planning to add to eXpressApp Framework for Universal 13.2, for release towards the end of the year. I’ll have Dennis and the rest of the team here helping out, of course. This has been scheduled for Tuesday, August 20, at 10am, Pacific Daylight Time (GMT-7).

(To ensure Dennis is as fresh as a daisy for this webinar, he’s gone off on a camping holiday somewhere in the wilds of the countryside where the dreaded internet has not yet reached. At least that’s what he told me. Meanwhile he left me this email about possible features that is a bit short on details…)

Some keywords we may be discussing: tablets, performance, web UI, reports, data consistency, performance, validation. Of course, in order to find out what we actually do discuss, you’ll have to attend. So visit the Webinars page in order to register your seat now; don’t leave it too late or you’ll be disappointed!

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Tablets. Liking it.

6 August, 2013

I did not make it to the webinar, will the recording become available on Youtube?

20 August, 2013
Dennis (DevExpress Support)

Wietse, sure: www.youtube.com/watch

21 August, 2013

Its available on youtube.

21 August, 2013
Alexander Krakhotko (Xafari team)

ppt  available?

27 August, 2013
Del W

Dennis, what is the address of your blog that Julian talked about?

3 September, 2013
Dennis (DevExpress Support)

My blog is dennisgaravsky.blogspot.com

(I apologize for the late reply)

9 October, 2013

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