Visual Studio 2013 support in your favorite DevExpress product is coming!

15 October 2013

A quick bit of news from the DevExpress R&D department, of interest especially to those who are thinking of upgrading to Visual Studio 2013.

Microsoft have stated that Visual Studio 2013 will RTM at Windows 8.1 GA on November 13, 2013, although the RC (release candidate) is available now if you are an MSDN or TechNet subscriber. Please note though that the RC is *not* the RTM version: there have been changes to the beta bits already from when the RC was made available.

Now, having said that, there’s a couple of items of note. Firstly, we have already announced our support for Windows 8.1 and Visual Studio 2013 with regard to our Metro controls, er, sorry, our Windows 8.x XAML controls. Secondly, with regard to everything else we do for .NET, we have some obvious news and some that is not so obvious.

As you might have already guessed, we shall be supporting the released version of Visual Studio 2013 with our current version of our packages on the day it is published. Like, duh, as the young people say. In other words, we will deliver a minor 13.1.x version with this support on the day of release. The not-so-obvious news is that we shall *also* be publishing a minor version of the 12.2 series that will support Visual Studio 2013. So, if you are still targeting .NET 3.5 and would like to use the new features of the latest IDE to create/maintain your application, we will deliver that support at the same time in a 12.2.x version.

If you’ve got any feedback about this news, or about anything else that DevExpress are doing, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

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Visual Studio 2013 RTM will be available on October 18th. At least for MSDN or TechNet subscriber.


16 October, 2013
Nate Laff

Yeah, RTM already happened a couple of weeks ago I believe. GA is in November but MSDN subscribers should get our hands on it Friday.

16 October, 2013
Martin Praxmarer - DevExpress MVP
Christopher Todd

Any chance we can get the minor release sooner?



17 October, 2013
Justin Martin

Yes, very disappointing to have to wait another month for VS 2013 support when the RTM is out and other vendors are officially offering support.

18 October, 2013
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Just a quick note to say that our plans are to release the new minor versions with official support for VS2013 on Monday, October 21. We do have one major issue with the ASP.NET MVC wizard to fix still though.

Cheers, Julian

18 October, 2013
Christopher Todd

Thanks Julian! I've been working with Winforms and haven't run into any thing so far!

18 October, 2013
Robert Kapuściński

VS 2013 was launched last Thursday:)

It's nice to hear that DX will support it.

20 October, 2013
Joe Peavey

It's 10/22, do you know where your DevExpress support for VS2013 is?

Did someone say it was supposed to be out on 10/21?

22 October, 2013
Mikael Andersson

Monday 10/21 came - and went. And I so would like to be able to add a RibbonForm - I can't. :)

22 October, 2013
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

All: it turns out that there was more to do for this minor release than just completing our VS2013 support. There were a few issues from Windows 8.1 and IE11 to fold into the update too. I'm told that we should be able to release the new minor versions tomorrow, Thursday 24-Oct.

Cheers, Julian

23 October, 2013
Joe Peavey

Thanks for the update, Julian :)

23 October, 2013
Serge (DevExpress Support)

All: We have just released builds 13.1.8 and 12.2.14 with support for VS 2013 and IE 11. License holders can download them from If you are running a trial edition of DevExpress products, feel free to download an updated installer from

24 October, 2013


will you released build 12.2.6 for VS 2013?


6 November, 2013

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