Let's keep raising money for Typhoon Haiyan Relief

20 November 2013

The eBay auction I talked about a couple of days ago is still running, but we thought we’d like to do something more for the relief fund for the Typhoon Haiyan disaster.

We’ve been horrified about the news from the Philippines since November 7. Typhoon Haiyan caused incredible damage throughout the Leyte and Samar islands (part of the Eastern Visayas), destroying much of the towns, cities, and infrastructure in those low-lying islands. Houses and buildings were flattened, obliterated. Millions of people were affected by the devastation, having lost their homes, possessions, loved ones, jobs; whereas thousands of people have died or are still missing (unremarkably in this kind of disaster, even now, no one knows for sure how many victims there are).

We wanted to do our small part and involve our community, so here’s the deal. For the first three people who correctly answer the question below, DevExpress will donate $500 in their name to the Typhoon Haiyan relief fund at the Red Cross.  I’ll reply here once we have the winners.

I shall be very strict about what I accept as answers, so be careful when composing your comment to add below. (Also, our blog engine takes a little time to make comments visible, so don’t worry if your answer doesn’t show immediately.)

The question is:

Name the event and the year that saw Vern Troyer join the DevExpress team to launch CodeRush Xpress.

On your marks, get set, GO!

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Antonio Haley

2008 at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference

20 November, 2013
Jason Follas

PDC 2008

20 November, 2013

Microsoft Professional Developers Conference 2008

20 November, 2013
Sergio Montemayor

Googling "Vern Troyer DevExpress " found this picture taken on october 2008


then googled "PDC devexpress event october 2008" and got confirmed:


and at last googled "Microsoft PDC" and got the name


so the answer is:

Microsoft Professional Developers Conference in 2008

20 November, 2013
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

All: Although Sergio did a bang-up job in explaining how he got to the answer (with references no less!), I'm afraid it was just the answer that counted and there were three people who answered first.

So congratulations to Antonio, Jason, and Jean-François. We'll be submitting $500 apiece to the Red Cross on your behalf. Thanks for trying out this contest!

Cheers, Julian

20 November, 2013

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