New XtraRichEdit breaking change for 13.2

21 November 2013

A quick post to point out that we’ve just made a change to the default settings of XtraRichEdit that may affect users of the control. (I say “just” because this change is not in the current beta release.)

The default font for the XtraRichEdit has changed from Times New Roman 12pt to Calibri 11pt.

If you need the previous behavior, please use the following code before creating RichEditControl or RichEditDocumentServer:

      RichEditControlCompatibility.DefaultFontName = "Times New Roman";
      RichEditControlCompatibility.DefaultFontSize = 12f;
If you have any issues, please contact our support team.
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Nate Laff

Woohoo! This is a great and welcomed change!

21 November, 2013
Licenses Scief


we were default chaging it too those setting.

Two lines of codes less to maintain.

22 November, 2013
Nate Laff

The default actually seems to be Segoe UI 9pt. Not a stellar choice. Love that font -- in UIs... not documents.

9 December, 2013
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Nate: It's supposed to be Calibri. I agree about Segoe UI being more a display font not a printed font. Could you ping support about it, please?

Cheers, Julian

9 December, 2013
Nate Laff

Oh you know what, XtraRichEdit is Calibri 11, Snap (which I just assumed would use the same settings) is Segoe UI 9. Which may have been intended.

11 December, 2013

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