DevExpress Universal 14.1 released

03 June 2014

In the very early hours of this morning, we published the first major release of DevExpress Universal this year: version 14.1. It is – oh, how can I put it? – a veritable Godzilla of a release that only a UI Superhero could vanquish.

Well, something like that.

With this release we’ve broadened our already broad reach (case in point, plucking examples out of the air, ASP.NET/MVC end-user report designer, tile navigation in WinForms/WPF,  ASP.NET/MVC spreadsheet, DevExtreme client-side DataGrid), but we’ve also spent a lot of time on providing interesting demos (using a new database of business-related data that cries out for meaningful data visualization – and of course we oblige) so that you can see how to create visually-attractive, touch-capable, modern user experiences for your business apps that will delight your users … no matter which platform you want to, or have to, use.

As an example of this attention to detail in our demos check out our launch video:


If the video has whet your appetite, you can find out more in the What’s New in 14.1, or read about various new features in more details here on the DevExpress community blogs. Some quick examples:

Not only that, but we tried a new experiment on the day before the launch: a 24-hour webinar on the new features in DevExpress Universal 14.1. We started at 12:01am on Monday morning, June 2, and continued with nary a break until 12:00pm that same day, after which we released the install. It was a blast! I’d like to say thanks to everyone involved in this, but mostly to Amanda for organizing the whole thing. You know the saying about “herding programmers”? Well, try herding DevExpress staff to present in a continuously-running webinar several times a day without inadvertently clicking the “End Webinar” menu option…

So, DevExpress Universal 14.1 is now ready for download if you have an active license, otherwise, the new trial is up as well. Have fun!

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