VCL Map Control (Coming soon in v14.1)

17 June 2014

With the beta for VCL 14.1 ready, it’s time to talk about another new control in the DevExpress VCL 14.1 Subscription: the Map Control.

OK, one basic scenario is as follows: you have a sales app that shows information about previous sales and sales opportunities in a particular area. You’d like to be able to show a map of those opportunities so that your sales people can concentrate on the best opportunities and their locations within that region. This is an ideal candidate for the new DevExpress VCL Map Control.

VCL Map Control 14.1: Using Bing Maps as provider

Here’s an example showing a pin for the DevExpress Offices in Glendale, CA. Things to note here include the pin and associated text (it’s actually on a separate layer whose background becomes opaque when the mouse hovers over it); the map controls that include a zoom bar, a navigation button, and text showing the scale and the location of the center of the map; and the use of Bing Maps as the provider.

VCL Map Control 14.1: Using OpenStreetMaps as provider

Here’s the same map, but this time the provider is OpenStreetMaps.

VCL Map Control 14.1: Using Hybrid Bing Maps as provider

And here it is again, but as a hybrid map, using image tiles from Bing.

Now, with this control there are some caveats to its use. First of all, the map tiles provided by Bing Maps and OpenStreetMaps is licensed separately from the DevExpress VCL Subscription; we do not confer any rights to use of the map data from these providers. If you use this Map Control, you will have to license the map data from either Bing Maps or from OpenStreetMaps. (For Bing licensing details, go here. For OpenStreetMaps licensing details, go here and here.)

The other caveat is that the Map Control only supports RAD Studio 2010 or later (and hence, in particular, there is no support for Delphi 7 or 2007).

As usual, if you have any questions, comments or feedback, please don’t hesitate to email me at

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Martin Lawrence

Looks great

Will we be able geo-code?

17 June, 2014
Alex M (DevExpress)


We are planning to implement geocoding (via the Bing Geocode service) in VCL 14.2.

18 June, 2014
Carlos Velez Farak

sera que la version vcl 14.1 que tan funcional es y si se puede trabajar con ella creo que en dos años es la vcl que mas novedades trajo no las anteriores que no tuvieron casi nada nuevo y fue un chasco la compra de la nueva version espero recibir esta sin costo alguno antes de que expire mi suscripcion

19 June, 2014
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Carlos: firstly, apologies for not speaking or writing Spanish. Secondly, if Google Translate has done its job well, I can point you to the What's New and changed for 14.1 ( You can make your own determination as to whether it is worthwhile to continue subscribing to the VCL Subscription, but I'd say that we shall be continuing to improve the product in the future.

Cheers, Julian

19 June, 2014
David Brennan

Excellent news and very convenient timing...

5 July, 2014

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