DevExpress VCL: Gauge Control (coming soon in v14.2)

05 December 2014

With every release of DevExpress VCL, we add more controls and features for data visualization. Many applications these days are growing into business analysis systems: data crunching and the presentation of results in the clearest way possible to allow for efficient understanding. Dashboards are a prime example of this scenario.

VCL Gauge Control: Full Circular Gauges v14-2

With v14.2 we’re adding a new control to DevExpress VCL to help you in conveying usable information at a glance in your dashboards, the Gauge Control.

VCL Gauge Control: Linear Gauges v14-2

Using the VCL Gauge Control you can communicate appropriate information with a variety of types: circular, linear, and digital.

VCL Gauge Control: Digital Gauges v14-2

We’re providing the following types of gauges with v14.2: Circular (full, half, and quarter); Linear (horizontal and vertical); Digital (using 7 or 14 segments). The gauges are available in both unbound or data-aware versions. Having chosen a gauge type, you can then select from a dozen built-in styles, or create your own.

Please be aware that the Gauge Control only supports RAD Studio 2010 or later (and in particular it supports the entire XE-series, for both 32-bit and 64-bit). We do not provide support for Delphi 7 or Delphi 2007 with this control.

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Marcus Almeida 3
Marcus Almeida 3

We need dashboard component like VS for VCL!

13 November 2015

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