DevExpress VCL: Camera control, Toggle switch editor (coming soon in v14.2)

08 December 2014

Among all the major new features, we found the time to add a couple of new smaller controls to DevExpress VCL v14.2.

The first is a fun control, directly from customer feedback: the Camera Control. This control allows you to incorporate the camera on your device (say the camera on your Windows tablet, or the webcam on your laptop) into your application. For example, you have an app for insurance assessors and you want the app to be able to take photos of some property that’s being claimed on. Incorporate the new camera control, and your users are ready for action.

DevExpress VCL v14.2: Camera Demo App Screenshot

It even works with more than one camera – say you have a tablet with front and back-facing cameras – and as shown here I’ve tested it on my laptop that has both a built-in webcam and an external Logitech camera (held in my hand, as it happens).

The second smaller control is a modern tablet-style toggle switch editor.

DevExpress VCL v14.2: Toggle Switch Control

It’s a touch-friendly control designed to replace a traditional check box. We’re providing unbound, data-aware, standalone, and in-place versions of the editor.

(Note that new controls in DevExpress VCL are only available for RAD Studio 2010 or the XE series. Delphi 7 and 2007 are not supported with new controls.)

9 comment(s)
Nate Laff

Want the camera in .NET!!! :)

8 December, 2014
Iskandar Achmad

Nice! I can used this one in one of my application


8 December, 2014
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Nate: LOL! Tough luck, bro. VCL gets it first!

Cheers, Julian

8 December, 2014
Nate Laff

"First?" :) YAY!

8 December, 2014
Sundio Group Sundio

Please add it to .net!

9 December, 2014

Please add it to the .NET

10 December, 2014
Chandru Nagrani 2

Please add it to the .NET

23 December, 2014
Dave VanderWekke (Automated Wireless Environments)

I hope Julian was hinting that it may be in .NET.  Lots of great ideas for this control.

23 December, 2014
David Brennan

Good stuff, looking forward to playing with VCL 14.2 when we get a chance.

2 January, 2015

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