DevExpress VCL: Improvements to grid, maps, and spreadsheet (coming soon in v14.2)

09 December 2014

A quick trio of improvements to the DevExpress VCL Subscription…

VCL Grid Control

As part of v14.2, we've added a Find Panel to our grid control, the ExpressQuantumGrid. This enhancement is dead simple for your users: to find some text in the dataset being shown in the grid, they simply enter the search text in the Find box and the grid will display those records that have matching values. What could be simpler?

DevExpress VCL v14.2: Find Panel in Grid

From your side, it's still pretty simple: there is a set of options available to control the display and behavior of the Find Panel. You can specify which columns are to be searched, choose between delayed automatic and manual search modes, allow search strings to be highlighted within located records, and so on. The Find Panel is available within all grid Views, except for Chart Views.

VCL Map Control

DevExpress VCL v14.2 adds support to the map control for:

  • Bing Maps services (Geocode and Routes)
  • Location-based queries to Bing Maps services
  • Shapefile format files

DevExpress VCL v14.2: Map Control Routes from Major Roads

This example shows route planning with Bing Maps as the provider using major roads.

DevExpress VCL v14.2: Map Control Shapefile Format

And this is an example of using the new shapefile support.

VCL Spreadsheet Control

In this release we’ve added the capability for the spreadsheet control to read and save print settings in spreadsheet files.

We’ve also added support for arrays in formulas, together with their visual representation:

DevExpress VCL 14.2: Spreadsheet Control Array Formulas

So have at it with sets of disjoint ranges in your formulas!

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