RAD Studio XE8 has been released

08 April 2015

Hand with WrenchI’m quite sure that if you are an Embarcadero RAD Studio fan, you know that XE8 was released yesterday. According to the email from Embarcadero notifying me, it was released at 12:01am – cue an old story my Dad used to tell me that the British Army never planned anything for 12:00am or 12:00pm because no one knew which one was noon and which one was midnight. Whereas one minute past the hour? No problem.

Anyway, if you’ve already downloaded and installed it, you may be turning to DevExpress to see whether the latest release of our VCL Subscription supports it. Coincidentally, we released v14.2.5 of the VCL Subscription overnight too. Unfortunately, our releases clashed and v14.2.5 does not have that all important support for XE8. (After all, we get the new version of RAD Studio at roughly the same time as everyone else.)

So this is a placeholder post to say, yes, we’re now testing our VCL code against the official RAD Studio XE8 release and, yes, you will be getting that support in a few days in a new minor version – v14.2.6 – of your active subscription. Stay tuned!

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Claudio Piffer 1

Many thank's Julian!

9 April, 2015
Richard Stevens

Thanks for the update Julian.

9 April, 2015
Paul Morey

Any word on when 14.2.6 will be available?

13 April, 2015
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Paul: No firm date as yet.

Cheers, Julian

13 April, 2015
Scott van der Linden

Were there really that many differences between XE7 and XE8?  From what Embarcadero published in release notes it seems minimal.

I am guessing the tricky bit might be integrating help since XE8 now uses CHM instead of DExplore.

I'm sure we would be more patient for the update if we knew a bit about the difficulties your VCL team are facing.

14 April, 2015
David Rosen

What a nice surprise, A VCL blog...

15 April, 2015
Scott van der Linden

Still no update :(

23 April, 2015
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

I'm reliably informed by the team that we'll be releasing v14.2.6 with XE8 support next week.

Despite what one might imagine -- that it's a simple process recompiling with new compiler versions -- our automated tests have been failing with XE8. I understand MemData was the worst culprit; not sure why. Anyway, the first build should be created tomorrow, which we then have to test, etc.

Cheers, Julian

23 April, 2015
Alex M (DevExpress)

Hello All,

v14.2.6 with RAD Studio XE8 support is available for download right now.

28 April, 2015

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