Microsoft Build 2015 – what a blast!

02 May 2015

Well, it’s over, and what a Build it was! I won’t go over what Microsoft had to say – it’s been done to death in news articles, blogs, and tweets – but with regard to DevExpress and its products, possibly the more important things were Visual Studio 2015 RC, Visual Studio Code, Microsoft Edge (née Project Spartan), and Windows 10/Universal Apps. We shall be talking about these announcements and products in the coming weeks and months as we explain how and when we will be supporting them.

This time the arrangement of the “Exhibitors Hall” was different. First, there wasn’t a hall per se, instead the the booths were separated on three floors in Moscone West. We were on the Cloud Platform and Developer Tools floor (the third floor, and the same as the main Keynote floor in fact) and, despite it being at the top of the building, we had a steady flow of customers, old friends, and, I hope, customers-to-be.

Partner booths at Microsoft Build 2015

We had a booth and, as is common with Builds through the years, every vendor’s booth was the same. Here’s Mehul at ours.

DevExpress booth with Mehul Harry at Microsoft Build 2015

Mehul and I fielded every question we could, gave out swag (the shrink-wrapped UI Superhero t-shirts were very popular), and demoed as much as we could. There were, shall we say, many questions about v15.1, our next major release, and, although we couldn’t say too much at the show, we did encourage everyone to stay tuned since we’re about to start blogging about the new features.

Mehul demoing DevExtreme on a Nokia phone

It was great to see so many people with such a strong sense of passion and excitement about the future. I’d have to say we were buoyed up by the enthusiasm of the attendees for the news that Microsoft presented and what it meant for their development stories.

And next week? It’s Microsoft Ignite!

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Christopher Jay

Whatever you do, please continue to aggressively improve upon features and support WinForms!  :)

3 May, 2015
Mark Harby

+1 for WinForms.

Could do with some kind of statement relating to CodeRush v Roslyn.

3 May, 2015
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

@Christopher: Of course we shall. Some good stuff coming up in 15.1.

@Mark: We're rewriting CodeRush to use Roslyn as a language service. In all probability, this won't be done by 15.1 though :(

Cheers, Julian

3 May, 2015
Christopher Todd

How soon before we start hearing 15.1 info on the blog?

4 May, 2015
Junior Thurler

+ 1 for WinForms.

4 May, 2015
gabriel caro

WPF Reports with full support for MVVM, please.

4 May, 2015
Mark Harby


The way I read this, Roslyn will be providing much of what CodeRush (and Resharper) does today (especially refactorings and code hints/fixes). So does this mean CodeRush will become a set of commercial extensions for Roslyn ?


5 May, 2015
George Fahnbulleh_1

Did he just mention 15.1?

5 May, 2015
vasanthkumar rajasekhar

+ 1 for WinForms.

pls provide cool themes/skins  in 15.1 for winforms.

5 May, 2015
Jim Foye

@Mark I think Mark Miller did a blog post a while back talking about Coderush + Roslyn

5 May, 2015
Saif Khan

+ 1 for WinForms. DX Rocks!

Agree with @vasanthkumar, we need some nicer skins especially in XAF. SHOUTOUT to Dennis. Where are you buddy? We need some XAF eye candy.

5 May, 2015
richard morris

Marks post on Roslyn from after last years build is at

6 May, 2015
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Quick "answers" to some of these comments...

CodeRush/Roslyn: the work is extensive, progressing really well, but won't be available for v15.1 release. In essence, we're replacing CodeRush's parser/compiler, ASTs, etc, completely to use Roslyn's language service instead so no more double compiling of solutions. Meanwhile new functionality is coming to "traditional" CodeRush in 15.1. (Oh, and thanks for posting the link, Richard.)

WinForms rocks! We've got some great new functionality coming.

WPF Reporting. Wait and see. *cough*end-user designer beta*cough*

WinForms themes: no new themes per se, but better high DPI support.

XAF: wait and see ;)

We should start publishing posts on what's new in about a week.

Cheers, Julian

6 May, 2015
Mark Harby

Thanks @James and @Richard

I commented on that post earlier this year.

I just see all the new functionality Microsoft are building into the VS2015 IDE using Roslyn and start to wonder where CodeRush will sit. Don't get me wrong, I love and use CodeRush everyday, just see a massive change coming.

Exciting times.

6 May, 2015
richard morris

The way I look at it, as an observer from far away;

It is a validation of the path that CodeRush took a decade ago.  It's probably going to be confronting for CodeRush's competition who preferred a different path, and no doubt they have been quietly freaking out since Roslyn was announced.

Sure Microsoft will implement many features that are already in CodeRush - I wouldn't be surprised if the motivation behind that was that Dustin wasn't personally allowed to use CodeRush, so he had to reimplement it as a Microsoft product.

The CodeRush team will get some real competition, and we'll see how far it pushes them.

Anyway for mine, CodeRush's greatest feature is the mnemonic templating - so I expect I'll be using CodeRush here for quite some time.

7 May, 2015
Noufal Aboobacker 1


Since WPF is going to be the prime technology for windows desktop and more developers are moving from WinForms to WPF I feel DevExpress WPF suite must be equally rich as your WinForm Suite

8 May, 2015
Marco G.

@All WinForms Dev's: I unerstand your concern and I hope that DevExpress will further develop the WinForms Control-Suite.

But now it's time to evolve the WPF-XAML Controls and at least bring the whole WinForms feature set (Report-Designer, Aggregate Filtering EF/XPO, etc.) to the XAML Platform.

For the future I wish that DevXpress first develops features for the WPF Platform and then (at the same time or later) brings those features to WinForms!

12 May, 2015
Sigurd Decroos

I think the Winforms development/usage is a lot higher than the WPF counterpart for large applications.

These big applications can't be converted to WPF overnight. Also, winforms is a proven way to develop and maintain applications, over and over again. The future is web, not WPF, sorry.

So, +1 for WinForms and ASP.Net :).

13 May, 2015
Roman Shelomanov

WPF, WinForms it is vintage techs....

We need web developent news.  HTML5, XAF Web UI...

15 May, 2015
Paolo Cellarosi

@Julian, we need some long awaited feature on XAF like Web UI support for mobile. Any plan on Universal Windows Apps?

18 May, 2015
Jim Clay

I just can't agree with those that are pushing WPF to the detriment of Winforms.  They each have their place.  We are developing an strictly in house application that is critical to our business and replaces an old Access app.  Winforms is our choice because it is familiar to both users and developers, fast and easier to squeeze all of the necessary data into a form.  XAF Winforms for us.

18 May, 2015
Micheal Gagne

+1 for WinForms

21 May, 2015

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