DevExpress Universal support for Visual Studio 2015 released

20 July 2015

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I’m sure that you can’t but helped to have noticed that Microsoft released the latest version of Visual Studio this morning. After completing its fairly lengthy beta, Visual Studio 2015 is now ready for download. There are three versions: Community (which is free for use, but with some licensing and other restrictions), Pro, and Enterprise. There’s lots of new functionality in there, especially dealing with mobile development and the like with UWP (Universal Windows Platform), and of course all of the familiar support for Windows Forms, ASP.NET, and WPF is still there.

Now, I’m sure in being a DevExpress customer, you are at the forefront of technology and raring to go but there’s just one warning niggle at the back of your mind: can I install DevExpress Universal in it? The answer is of course yes, providing that you have downloaded the very latest versions. We released two new versions of DevExpress Universal this morning coinciding with Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2015 launch: v14.2.9 for those customers who are still using the v14.2 series, and v15.1.5 for those who have already upgraded to the v15.1 series. Both of these new versions (or later) will install into Visual Studio 2015 just fine.

For those who are looking for our UWP controls, please be patient just a little while longer. Windows 10 for the desktop is due for launch on Wednesday, July 29 and Microsoft’s sudden withdrawal of the ability to install the betas on new machines has left us a bit in the lurch. Nevertheless, Paul Usher and I will be presenting a webinar this Thursday, 23 July on the new UWP controls, so do take a moment to register to reserve your place.

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Michael Brandt

Upgrading from 14.2.7 to 14.2.9 gave me an xpo installation error. After uninstall/install the XPO Data Model is missing from the new item dialog and I can't open the .xpo designer (shows xml instead).

20 July, 2015
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Michael: I've informed our support team about this. They'll be in touch.

Cheers, Julian

20 July, 2015
Michael Brandt

ok, the DevExpress.Xpo.VisualDesigner.DslPackage.vsix package gives me a "product not supported" error (using VS 2015 enterprise)

20 July, 2015
James S K Makumbi

Mr Bucknall, Sir, this is truly awesome news. I hope Michael's problem above is not a portent or harbinger. I am thinking of switching to VS 2015 Community Edition (my company is still that small) because I don't want to spend on both msdn and dx going forward.

21 July, 2015
Dennis (DevExpress Support)

@Michael: You can download a fixed version from I am looking forward to hearing from you.

22 July, 2015
Shreya Trivedi 1

What about Dev Express version 13 ? It will work in Visual Studio community 2015 or not ? Kindly advice me My email id is

26 August, 2015

14.2.12 doesn't work on VS2015.

7 September, 2017

Sorry, VS2017 instead.

7 September, 2017

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