DevExpress Universal v16.1: Webinar schedule

23 May 2016

Given the recent blogging on these community pages, you may naturally have already come to the conclusion that Universal v16.1 is getting close to release. You are not far wrong: the finishing touches are being applied, the latest tests are being run, the final documentation is being written. The code is ready to beta if you are a Universal customer. Time then for some webinars to show you what’s new, how it looks, and how it works.

If you visit our webinars page (it’s easy to remember:, you’ll see that we have set up four:

6-Jun-2016, 10am Pacific. v16.1: What’s New for Windows Developers. Join Paul Usher and me to learn about the new products and features shipping inside our updated WinForms and WPF Subscriptions.

7-Jun-2016, 10am Pacific. v16.1: What’s New for ASP.NET Developers. Join Mehul Harry and Don Wibier and learn about the new products and features shipping inside our updated ASP.NET Subscription.

8-Jun-2016, 10am Pacific. v16.1: What's New for Reporting and Dashboards. Paul and I again, demonstrating all the new features DevExpress will introduce across the Reporting and Dashboard platforms.

9-Jun-2016, 10am Pacific. v16.1: What's New for HTML5 and Mobile. Mehul and Don review the newest products and features shipping inside DevExtreme v16.1.

There’s plenty of time to register, but remember it’s first come, first served. Spaces are limited so my advice is to register early to make sure of your seat. See you online in June!

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Steven Rasmussen

Looks like perhaps you jumped the gun on the beta download. Not seeing it in my download section :)

23 May, 2016
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Steven: go to the Downloads section, click on Universal. The default is to show the latest released version. Click the combobox to select the version and you should see the beta at the top of the dropdown in red.

I will warn you though: I think someone here posted it prematurely (no internal emails have gone out about publishing it) and it may have already been removed... Or it may not be the correct one and YMMV when trying it out, etc.

Cheers, Julian

23 May, 2016
Mohamed Al Zayani

what about ORM and XAF?

23 May, 2016
Matt Holliday

Any Eta on when the beta will be available for download?

24 May, 2016
Serge (DevExpress Support)

Matt: the Beta is now available for all active DXperience and Universal subscribers in their Download Managers. Proceed as Julian explained above.

24 May, 2016
Ralf Grenzing

Hi Serge,

are you sure that the beta is availibe also for DXperience customer? I don´t see it.

24 May, 2016
Scott G Blood

Just downloaded the beta and I think we will be skipping this release as it doesn't contain anything I would find useful at the moment.

The TreeMap control is missing from the Dashboards, this is a massive oversight in my opinion.

The new Local Storage Mode for the dashboards was required a year ago, we have built our own custom one using SQL Lite, so this will be a good edition for some, but not right now for us.

The PivotGrid control has been massively neglected.  The memory consumption needs to be improved, basically summary function like CountDistinct need to be included.

Again this is another release that I am sure will please a lot of people, but not for me this year.

24 May, 2016
Serge (DevExpress Support)

Ralf: I've just replied about this in the support ticket that you recently posted.

24 May, 2016
Hedi Guizani

My impression seems to be one of the poorest release in years

Nothing realy worth upgrading for.

Honestly I don't understand why DX keep investing in a control like richeditor , very few of us have the ambition of creating a full featured Msword like editor.

Pivotgrid is overlooked, performence issues, no export to excel pivot table...

Winform nothing significant in this release.

XAF despite of the greatness of the framework these is a lot of room for emprovement...

Xamarin : I was expecting a competition catch up, not even a word since a longtime???

Reporting server, a realy messing licencing orientation...

Where are going, this release raise more questions then it answers

A roadmap is not realy too much asking.

24 May, 2016

downloaded report server, was interested to see what the custom query functionality was.

i need to be able to specifiy the SQL not just preview it from teh query builder. i may end up specifying something that the query builder would struggle to display graphically but that is what i need. Julian, we discussed this on email a while back and was necessarily expecting it in 16.1, but it does really need to make its way to 16.2.

i will join the other in saying it feels a little bit 'meh' i am stilll predominantly winforms and BI so there maybe exciting things in UWP or others than arent leaping out at me.

24 May, 2016
Edilson Junior

I love DX! I really think XAF should have more improvements, but i'm also pretty happy the new theme that will help  XAF to work on mobile.

24 May, 2016
Per Olsson

Missing the ability to move 100% from Winform to DevExtreme.

No Spreadsheet, no Reportviewer, no Dashboard.

24 May, 2016
Rick Mathers

I really like DevExpress and the DevExtreme products, they make my day to day job so much easier.  This release, as stated above feels lacking.  

I am currently in the process of converting my old desktop apps to UWP and I feel like DX is starting to fall behind the competition especially when it comes to the more advanced controls such as the scheduler and reporting functionality.  Xamarin would be great to see for Native Cross Platform functionality instead of Cordova.

I know it has been asked for many many times in the support section, but you should really consider bringing back your roadmap, it is extremely useful to know what you plan to do for each major version.  I understand that things don't always make it, but at least we know it is being worked on.

25 May, 2016
Steven Rasmussen

I've been a long time DX customer and have always updated to the latest and greatest whenever it comes out. But probably for the first time I don't see anything compelling enough for me to upgrade.  It *seems* like DX is always coming out with something new, which I totally understand they've got to do, but there's still just a HUGE backlog of smaller enhancements to their current controls that I wish they would work on to make their products the *must have* toolset.

26 May, 2016
Dennis (DevExpress Support)

@Hedi Guizan, Edilson Junior: I would be more than happy to hear from you regarding the things you would love to see in DevExpress XAF. Feel free to comment either here or forward me your suggestions at dennis@our company dot com.

22 June, 2016

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