DevExpress Logify: Readying for release

28 February 2017

Six weeks ago I announced a brand new product from DevExpress, a crash reporting tool codenamed DevExpress Logify, and invited customers to apply for the initial beta. I can report that the beta so far has been a success: we’ve been able to validate our expectations about the kinds and rates of crash reports third-party applications might produce, and have started fine-tuning our logging servers and reporting subsystems. That work continues (and I dare say will never stop), but we are getting very close to release.


In this post I would therefore like to expand on the pricing structure we’ve decided on for Logify. In essence, customers will be able to purchase one of several service bands or levels of Logify tooling.

Firstly, we will be providing a 30-day trial of the product for new users. This gives those customers the ability to test Logify and the various clients, see what it can do, and even more importantly provide an estimate of how many logs their applications produce.

Secondly, here are the various levels, and the pricing list for each. All levels provide for the use of all platform client libraries (currently: .NET, JavaScript, and node.js), a general template for notifications, predefined rules for automatically ignoring certain exceptions, and the ability to read and use map files for JavaScript applications (a.k.a. “unmapping”).

Starter level: $50/month. This level has a limit of 30,000 reports per month, for up to 20 application keys, and allows for customized settings.

Standard level: $150/month. This level raises the report limit to 300,000, for up to 100 application keys, and allows for customized notifications and provides access to all the auto-ignoring settings.

Premier level: $300/month. This level includes: up to 500,000 reports per month, unlimited application keys, attachments, minidumps, and a programming API.

Of course, should you have requirements for even greater customizations, or a greater report count, please contact us for some custom pricing.

During this transitory period as we make the final preparations for release, we would still encourage you to apply for the beta, especially as we have now published the proposed pricing structure. Remember: In order to join the beta we will need to understand the basics of your application, what devices and run-times it runs on, the competency of your user base, and so on. If you wish to be considered for the DevExpress Logify beta, please contact us by email (, with a subject line of “Logify Beta”, and we’ll follow up with a short questionnaire.

13 comment(s)

That seems incredibly expensive and out of range of most one man band operations.

28 February, 2017
Mark McFly

The price is WAY to high and a real starter level is missing. 20 application keys and 30k reports a month is everything else but starter!

1 March, 2017
Bruno Cossi

I do not have a problem with the pricing per se, it is virtually identical to the pricing of Raygun which I pay for. Having said that, for a new, as-yet unproven offering I just can't justify switching over - virtually the same price, comparable limits, but need to assume lower stability/maturity and more than likely nowhere near the same integration options. I would have liked to use DevExpress for everything if at all possible but I will have to wait to see what you offer that the competition doesn't, right now I just can't justify the move.

1 March, 2017
Milos Glosik

Any version for Universal Subscription users?

1 March, 2017
Andrew Fraser

Way too expensive for me - as a single developer I would be looking at no more than $10 / month.

1 March, 2017
Gustavo Marzioni

As many other comments here, I think it is too expensive for very small companies ,specially in the third world

1 March, 2017
Darren Rose

Prices are way too high, you are making it impossible for any one man band / sole traders to purchase at that price

How about a starter edition for sole traders / developers say something like 5000 reports, 5 apps for $5 a month or 10000 reports, 10 apps for $10

1 March, 2017
Glen Harvy

I am assuming an "application key" refers to a single "project". My main business project has 5 or so individual executables but all form part of my main "project". Will these executables each require an "application key". Surely an "application key" does not refer to each licence sold!

A competitor service can be had for $20 per month but I don't use it because of it's shortcomings in reporting. I can't compare at this stage until you have released your product but yours certainly appears very expensive for my one-man show...

1 March, 2017
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Glen: an application key is a known authenticated token, let's say a GUID, one that we know about. You can use this key in one version of one application, or all versions of the same application, or even all versions of all applications that you have out in the wild. Logify collects information about an application crash and bundles that info with the key. At that point, it's up to you, through the reporting facilities to work out which actual application was being run that caused the crash. The key refers to one version of one app? Easy. All versions of all apps? Wowza.

Cheers, Julian

1 March, 2017
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Milos: No, I'm afraid not. Logify is a new service and reporting application from DevExpress. It's not related to our controls and frameworks, such as those that are part of Universal. You do not get the source code (apart from the various clients, which are on GitHub), just access to the logging and crash-reporting service.

Cheers, Julian

1 March, 2017
Jerzy Rozmyslowicz

Maybe, instead of writing new tools  you could just use your resources to improve existing controls to be more bugless

10 March, 2017
Andrew (DevExpress)

@Jerzy We have used this tool internally in DX since 2015. It helps us to find and fix bugs, especially hard to reproduce bugs.

11 March, 2017
Alex Boston

How about few key and few thousands reports per subscription ? With buy more on demand ?

I think I will like it this way.

15 March, 2017

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