DevExpress v17.2 beta has just been released!

02 November 2017

Just a quick note to say that the beta for DevExpress v17.2 has just been published. Be the first kid on the block that downloads it and tries it out. Usual caveats: it is a beta, so beware. Things work, sure, but there may be some issues that are still undiscovered or still being worked on. Me, personally, I’d advise to not use it in production yet. We would love to hear from you if you do test it out, via our usual support channels.

For information on What’s New in this beta please check out this page. To download the actual install, log in to the Download Center and have at it!

We shall now kick off the publication of blog posts that discuss the new features and enhancements in this release. so stay tuned.

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Manuel Grundner [DevExpress MVP]

Awesome Work!

2 November, 2017
Yauhen Kuchynski

Few great changes but, unfortunately, nothing special for XAF users :(

3 November, 2017

Some very nice features and improvements!

From the (not prominently) placed statement "DevExpress controls gain support for SVG vector icons" one might even conclude full SVG icons support for WinForms controls. I had only dared to hope that TreeList will get full SVG icon support.

3 November, 2017
Jonatas Hudler

"Few great changes but, unfortunately, nothing special for XAF users :("

I must tell I feel pretty disappointed with the Dashboard suite as well (Winforms, specially). Many support tickets regarding some important features dated by 4>= years and still no perspective.

If we only had workarounds to implement them ourselves...

3 November, 2017
Dennis (DevExpress Support)

@Yauhen Kuchynski: I hope you will answer me in the Support Center thread which you logged, and elaborate further on the features you are interested in (besides those we described at

I also wanted to note that improvements available in DevExpress controls are automatically available in XAF apps for their users (not all by default, but you can enable them, if required). Thanks.

3 November, 2017
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Johannes: SVG icon support in WinForms? It's coming, but not in this particular release. After all, given that we're "messing" around with DirectX for WinForms for those fab hi-res screens we all seem to have, vector graphics must be on the way ;)

Cheers, Julian

3 November, 2017

@Julian: Sorry, I obviously misinterpreted whats written under WinfForms->Miscellaneous. Don't really know what the mentioned sentence should mean then.

By the way some WinForms controls already support SVG icons. If I could vote for the next control then it would be the TreeList - specially the nodes.

Hope was nourished by this ticket (but plans can change):

4 November, 2017
Maris Lacis

When are you planning to announce VCL changes for v17.2 ???

5 November, 2017
Artem D

Re: "WPF: Clipboard Management: Pasting to the Grid and TreeList"

I'd really appreciate a sample showing how to paste from Excel.

Great job, overall. I specifically like the new themes for WPF!

Thank you!

ps: the column chooser in VS2017 black theme has some large white parts visible.

6 November, 2017
Jerzy Rozmyslowicz

Cannot see it to download from Download Center

6 November, 2017
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Maris: As has been the convention for the last few years, we announce the changes in the major VCL Subscription releases a couple of weeks after the .NET/HTML ones. We don't want the VCL good news to be overshadowed by the rest.

Cheers, Julian

6 November, 2017
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Artem: That's why we have a support team!

Cheers, Julian

6 November, 2017
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Jerzy: Log in, go to the Download Manager, drop down the Universal node, then select the beta version from the dropdown.

Cheers, Julian

6 November, 2017

I do not see the 17.2 beta available under the WPF node on my download manager. 17.1.7 is the latest version available. Is the beta perhaps limited to the Universal subscription? Thanks

7 November, 2017
Mark Couvaras

A WPF Dashboard viewer :) took you guys a while but that alone should allow me to renew my license. I see it is only a CTP but nevertheless so stoked you finally did this. It has async loading too which is priceless.

10 November, 2017
Jens Herzog

Yes, beta access for WPF subscribers would be nice...

15 November, 2017

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