Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Put your (medium) trust in XtraReports, the premier ASP.NET reporting tool
Previewing v2009 vol 1: Reporting
Previewing v2009 vol 1: Printing appointments from the WinForms scheduler
News about reporting for WinForms, ASP.NET and (cough) WPF (cough)
DXperience v2008 vol 3: End-user report designer now fully skinnable (WinForms)
Breaking Changes for DXperience v2008 vol 3 (reporting, charting, gauges)
DXperience v2008 vol 3: Conditional formatting in reports (WinForms and ASP.NET)
DXperience v2008 vol 3: First page preview for reporting in WinForms
WinForms and ASP.NET Reports and exporting to PDF
Stimulation at TechEd
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