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  • 5/2/2010
    In the previous video, we demonstrated how to create a Master-Detail report using the XtraReports Designer for Visual Studio 2010. In this video, we’ll create the same report in a WPF Application project and use the native WPF Report Viewer to preview...
  • 4/30/2010
      Want to learn how to create a Master-Detail Report using the XtraReports Suite ? We have published a new video tutorial on the DevExpress Channel that guides you through the steps of creating a Master-Detail Report using the XtraReports Designer...
  • 4/29/2010
    Hey Everyone, We have published a new step by step video on how to create a data-aware report in Visual Studio 2010. Download movie: FLV , M4V   The video will also cover our new Silverlight Report Viewer so check definitely out. -- DevExpress TV
  • 4/29/2010
    Hey everyone, check out this video on a new XAF feature. Download movie: FLV , M4V Watch as Amanda goes over the benefits of the new interface based model and then creates a simple XAF application using the new Domain Components .   -- DevExpress...
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  • 9/3/2009
    Does your Visual Studio 2008 crash occasionally? I mean it works correctly most of the time, but suddenly it vanishes and you have to restart it. That happened to me and it drove me nuts, so I started looking for a solution. Honestly, I was suspecting...
  • 6/18/2009
    If you develop web applications with DevExpress' ASP.NET controls and the language used by your customers is anything other than English, this message is for you. The ASPxGridView and other ASPx components show messages to end-users in certain situations...
  • 5/2/2008
    This is a quick update to the previous article , in which Mehul discusses the CHM and PDF documentation for all DXperience products. These docs are useful if you like to work off-line, or want to print PDF files, and read the hard copy of our documentation...
  • 3/28/2008
    Multi-User Scenario In multi-user scenarios, each application user has limited access to common data. This means that the application logic doesn't allow a user to view or edit appointments that belong to other users. A multi-user scheduler scenario...
  • 3/27/2008
    The current v2008 vol 1 release of the XtraScheduler Suite provides the capability of using services to perform common tasks, such as date-time navigation, navigation through resources, keyboard and mouse event handling. An introductory article concerning...
  • 2/21/2008
    Functionality enhancements of XtraScheduler may require intense code modifications, and result in properties and methods becoming obsolete. To minimize the chance of breaking changes in future versions, we decided to separate the actual implementation...

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