• 1/18/2018
    The first Release Candidate (RC) of the DevExtreme React Grid is now available! Many thanks to all users who provided feedback during the beta phase – your help is very much appreciated! The following paragraphs summarize the changes we made during the...
  • 1/16/2018
    Another 30 days, another CodeRush release. Download the latest version from the Visual Studio Marketplace . This update contains the following enhancements: Code Style You can now change the default visibility modifier CodeRush uses for generated members...
  • 1/15/2018
    2018 is kicking off in Europe with the NDC London conference . DevExpress is proud to be a partner of it. As always, NDC has a top notch line-up with speakers like Scott Guthrie, Steve Sanderson, Scott Hanselman and about 90 more! John and I will be available...
  • 1/12/2018
    It's 2018 and we're delivering another ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit release for you that brings several useful bug fixes...
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  • 1/10/2018
    Thanks to great feedback from our users, we've extended the capabilities of Logify so it can better meet the 24/7 application monitoring needs of customers. If you've not had the opportunity to review its capabilities or evaluate it within your...
  • 12/18/2017
    I got some questions last week about where to find the webinar video "Object-Relational Mapping for .NET Core with DevExpress XPO" I did as kick-off on our v17.2 release webinar series. Well, the reason it took some time is because we prepared...
  • 12/15/2017
    Our most recent release included something we’ve been asked about for quite a long time…With v17.2, you can now incorporate our custom file dialogs within your WinForms desktop apps. You may be asking what’s the big deal and if they are any better than...
  • 12/13/2017
    Thank you to everyone who came out to join us at the DevExpress Meetup in London. We had such a lovely evening spending time talking to you about your experiences with DevExpress and getting into the festive spirit. I’m sure that you will agree that The...
  • 12/12/2017
    As you know, a typical app-wide color scheme consists of numerous palettes/colors/shades. Without the proper tools, creating your own custom theme can be incredibly tedious and time consuming process - a process that very few people willingly tackle....
  • 12/11/2017
    Another 30 days, another CodeRush release. In this release, what used to be called “CodeRush for Roslyn” (which works in Visual Studio 2015 and up) is now known simply as CodeRush . If you’re working in earlier versions of Visual Studio CodeRush Classic...
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