Here is your latest DevExpress Technical Evangelist from Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Don Wibier's Blog
09 May 2014

My name is Don Wibier, based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and I’m the latest addition to the DevExpress team.

Here's a quick video introduction:


Before joining DevExpress, I have designed and developed an awesome content management system called CMS2GO which is completely based on DevExpress technology from XPO to ASP.NET controls, and at the moment of this writing there are about 200 web-sites running on this system.

You can check the case study below:

Before I started ASP.NET web development, I have a history on building server and desktop applications using Borland Delphi (with DevExpress components) which gives me the experience to show you how to build beautiful apps on WinForms as well.

Technical Evangelist

My goal is to inspire you with ideas, blog posts, webinars and demos on how to use our toolkit together with the latest trends and technologies.

I'm very accessible and I want to hear what keeps you busy and where you need assistance with so reply to this post or mail me at or tweet me at @donwibier.

I'm very excited to join the DevExpress team!!

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Hans Nieuwenhuis
Hans Nieuwenhuis

Hoi Don,

Gefeliciteerd met je nieuwe baan!

Succes met het verspreiden van jouw kennis en hopelijk helpt het om veel extra DevExpress licenties te verkopen in Nederland :-)

9 May 2014
Eko Radesna Amnur
Eko N Anshor

gefeliciteerd hoor Don :D

9 May 2014
Mark Harby
Mark Harby

Welcome Don

Nice to know we have someone on the door-step.

Mark Harby

Nottingham. UK

11 May 2014

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