Video: Creating an ASP.NET Blog Engine - Part 1

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16 June 2014

The first episode of my webinar series called "Creating an ASP.NET Blog Engine" is now available on YouTube:

In the first episode, you'll learn about the basics of creating an ASP.NET blog engine which involves creating the database backend and using a great ORM tool.


One of my personal addictions in the DevExpress Toolbox has to be eXpress Persistent Objects (XPO) since it is so fast, so flexible and supports the biggest range of databases compared with other ORM tools out there.

And its' powerful Data Model Wizard will save you so much time defining your data model and creating the persistent classes.

When I started developing CMS2GO, this incredible wizard wasn’t available yet and I had to create tons of lines of code by hand where now; these tons of lines of code are generated within seconds by just saving your model!

Why create a Blog Engine?

I have picked the Blog Engine because it is a really small abstract of what I have been building over the last couple of years which is a full blown content management system CMS2GO.

It covers a broad range of web development from data model to implementing a web-design including the use of some really cool DevExpress ASP.NET controls like the ASPxImageGallery, ASPxPopupControl and ASPxEditors.

Make sure you register for episode 2 of 3. I will show you how to implement the design, show you what Responsive Design is all about, and how to use our ASP.NET controls within this type of layout.

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