DevExpress Grids – Faster Sorting, Grouping and Summaries (Coming soon in v14.2)

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27 November 2014

Besides all the new features we have been blogging about, there are also numerous improvements on existing controls and features in v14.2. While our grid controls on all platforms are famous for their speed and are recognized through the awards we keep winning, we just couldn’t resist making them even faster!

Besides putting in some pepper here and there, we also revised our data processing code improving every single detail of it. This relates to sorting, grouping and calculating summaries, basically the most common data operations in the grid.


The actual performance increase on your application depends on a number of other factors as well but we have timed and measured extensively on a number of common scenarios and it turns out that the grids are more then 10 times faster in those cases!


We did our testing on an XtraGrid, bound to 4,000,000 strongly-typed objects on an Intel® Core™ i5-2500 Processor and you will see the differences between v13.2 and v14.2 in seconds.


Because we have a common code base for the different presentation layers, these improvements are implemented on the ASPxGridView, XtraGrid, XtraVerticalGrid and DXGrid.

What did we do?

One of the most important changes we already did in v13.1 is dropping some legacy technologies like DXperience 13.1 will be .NET 4 or above, and the discontinuation of support for .NET Client Profile. These technical decisions allowed us to use powerful and effective C# features which we couldn’t use before. We actually started making changes in v14.1 but didn’t mention this because we were not finished with the entire plan. This does explain why our comparison tests are between v13.2 and v14.2 to give you a good overview.


I you didn’t try our v14.2 beta, please download and test it and tell us what you think!

Stay tuned for more exciting v14.2 news

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