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DWX Developer Week 2018 kicks off next week in Nuremberg Germany

From June 25th until June 28th, another great event is taking place. This time John and I will head to Nuremberg Germany for DWX Developer Week edition 2018.

We'll be there showing you all the new features that come with our v18.1 release and handing out our free Eat-Sleep-Code T-Shirts. We will also do our daily raffles where you could walk off with a DevExpress platform subscription or one of the original DevExpress Backpacks. I will also have session about .NET Core and Dependency Injection.

If you're attending to Developer week, make sure to pay our booth a visit.

NDC Oslo 2018 Impressions

Last week, John and I where in Oslo for the NDC Oslo 2018 Edition.

It was, as expected, a big and awesome conference with top speakers and a lot of attendees. Some of the speakers stopped by our booth to say 'hi'.

There was a lot of interest in our v18.1 release, and a ran demos on all of our products. On the second day there was the attendee party with the best Norwegian 80's & 90's cover band Loveshack.

We organized daily raffles for DevExpress backpacks or even a platform subscription of choice!

To find out what NDC Oslo was all about, check the pictures below to get an impression:

Brace yourself for NDC Oslo 2018 with DevExpress

This week, John and I will travel to Oslo because DevExpress is a partner of the NDC Oslo conference. If you ever have the chance of going to NDC Oslo . . . GO!


This conference is being held in the Oslo Spektrum, which is an incredible venue for conferences. With more than 190 talks from top-notch speakers, you’ll get a complete upgrade of your brains!

If this isn’t enough, we’ll be showing our new v18.1 release, and we’ll be handing out our cool eat-sleep-code T-Shirts and other goodies.

If you’re there, make sure to visit our booth!

Techorama 2018 Impressions

In the week of May 21st, John, Julian and I where at the Techorama 1018 event in Antwerp, Belgium.

As always, it was a very good conference with lots of existing customers and developers who haven’t heard of us. We were able to show a lot of new v18.1 features and people seemed to like those. I did a well attended partner-session about our VisualStudio productivity tool CodeRush, where I was able to get the “Wow” and “Ahh” responses from the audience.

Below is an impression of the conference:

20180523_0753342018-05-24 10.52.10DSC01209IMG_286720180524_1625372018-05-23 13.20.172018-05-23 13.37.442018-05-24 16.31.46IMG_2869IMG_28742018-05-24 16.32.5820180523_092528DSC01212IMG_2860IMG_2862IMG_2863

In case you missed this one and want to attend a Techorama conference. In the first week of October there will be another Techorama conference in Ede, The Netherlands.

Guess what? . . . DevExpress will be there as well!

Bootstrap ASP.NET Core & WebForms - Sparkline Control available (v18.1)

The Sparkline control is a simplified compact version of a Line chart control. It only contains one series. It is used most commonly in areas which leave very little space but a visual indicator is required. An example is by integrating the Sparkline in a grid column.

Since the charts available in the Bootstrap ASP.NET Core & WebForms control suite are derived from the DevExtreme Chart controls, it was really a no-brainer for us to make it available for the Bootstrap Controls as well.

Though the Sparkline is a compact control, it has a number of interesting features.

8 types of Series

It supports 8 different series types:

You can check them out by clicking here.

Binding to data

It also supports binding to different data stores. What about:


The Sparkline control provides several customization abilities like:

  • Series and points colors
  • Tooltip font
  • Point type

You can read more about it here.

The Sparkline can be integrated in a GridView column as show in this demo.

Try it?

Did you know that you can test this feature together with all the other exciting new DevExpress candy even if you’re not a customer (yet)?
Feel free to download a free 30-Day trial version including technical support of our award winning controls!

What do you think?

Let me know what you think of this feature by replying on this article.

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