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  • ASP.NET Charts - Runtime Chart Designer (v15.1)

    Over the few years we’ve had web-based charts, we’ve always had a Visual Studio-based designer for customizing and creating charts. 

    Using this designer, you can specify the elements that make up a chart, such as the one or more data series, the chart types, and so on.

    Feedback from customers has been positive, but – and there’s always a but – customers also wanted the same kind of functionality for their users.

    So, I am happy to announce that, with v15.1, we’re releasing a brand new ASP.NET runtime charts designer for WebForms.

    Before you ask, the designer is implemented as a separate control . Drop the new ASP.NET ChartDesigner control on a form, add a few lines of code that will allow the control to determine where to load and save the customized chart definition, and you’re all set: your users will now be able to customize the chart as and how they wish, in the browser of their choice.

    Customization options

    So what chart options can they customize? Initially, with v15.1, they’ll be able to

    • Add and remove chart elements like series, legends, titles.
    • Customize chart element appearance and layout like fonts, colors, positions of elements.
    • Manage data bindings of the series.

    Register for the v15.1 webinars

    If you want to see the chart designer in action together with all other new charting features, click here to register for the “What's New for Reporting & Dashboards (v15.1)”.

  • ASP.NET Ribbon Control - Gallery Support (v15.1)

    In the v15.1 release, we're adding support for Gallery items in the DevExpress ASP.NET Ribbon Control.

    What is a Ribbon Gallery?

    Microsoft Office 2013 introduced the concept of ribbon galleries which are rich drop-downs. Galleries in the Ribbon bar allow you to do things like:

    • Display a list of fonts in the actual font style
    • Display a list of paragraph styles using the custom look that the styles will be rendered in:


    Why Ribbon Galleries?

    The ribbon galleries increase the end user experience and allow the user to perform certain tasks more quickly because it doesn’t require you to open up some popup, select the items you want, click ok and check how it looks. Once an item is clicked in the gallery, the action is performed immediately.

    With our v15.1 release you are able to deliver this very cool functionality to your users as well.

    Bar & Dropdown

    The ASPxRibbon control supports two types of galleries:


    This mode is inspired by the image above and displays the amount of items that will fit inside the control. When there are more items available they will be wrapped down on the next line of items and will become visible when clicking the dropdown button or by using the up and down arrows to navigate through the rows without activating the dropdown.



    This mode will always use the drop down functionality where items are arranged in groups. This is useful when there is a distinct set of item types like the shapes in the image below.


    Did I mention that it will be available for both WebForms and MVC !

    Let me know your thoughts about this new feature of the DevExpress ASP.NET Ribbon Control.

  • Webinar “Custom Validation in ASP.NET MVC” available on YouTube

    The webinar on how to create reusable validation attributes with your own custom validation logic is available here:


    You will learn how to create a custom validation attribute, and how to perform server-side as well as client-side validation including the code needed to use the unobtrusive validation plugin for jQuery.

    I will show you how to create a RequiredWhen attribute which makes the property only required when another property has a specific value.

    The source code of the project is available on GitHub.

    Let me know what kind of custom validation attributes you have created!


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