ASP.NET Rich Text Editor - Tables, Mail Merge and More (Coming soon in v15.2)

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12 November 2015

To make sure that you’re developing with the best feature rich controls in the market, we have added some popular (and most requested) features in the v15.2 release of the RichText Editor.


In this release we are happy to provide table support in the RichText Editor. For this, we have added some Office style features to create and modify tables inside your document.

Also styling tables and individual cells is done the Office way. We have added 2 “Contextual Ribbon Tabs” which will be shown when putting the cursor inside a table. These ribbons give you quick access to merging/splitting cells, deleting/adding rows and columns, and specifying other cell/table properties.

Mail Merge

In the current v15.1 release of the RichText Editor, we provided mail merging capabilities. In the v15.2 release we have taken it a step further by allowing you to visually select and insert auto-updated fields from a bound datasource. You also have the possibility to switch between the live merged data and the field-codes by clicking the button in the ribbon:

Headers and Footers

Yes! We have support for headers and footers inside your documents! This includes insertion of different headers and footers on even and odd pages. A contextual tab in the Ribbon Control will be shown, enabling you to insert specific items like page numbers and counts in the header and footer.



To navigate quickly back and forward through your document, you can now put bookmarks inside the document. These bookmarks can also be bound to hyperlinks.

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To see all the new features coming out for the v15.2 release, sign up for the "v15.2: What's New for ASP.NET Developers":

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4 comment(s)
Randall Stephens 2
Randall Stephens 2

This is so Awesome. I hope the "and more" includes spelling and if one could dream "tracking"

12 November, 2015
Atle Kåven
Atle Kåven

Bye bye Silverlight. This is the Christmas present I've been waiting for. Thank you DevEx! This one will be used, a lot.

14 November, 2015
Raju Arge
Raju Arge

I would like to know about 15.2 release features of MVC component.

I m facing a problem with loading  word document into the Rich Editor.Tables are not loading correctly. And moreover alignment of content is also not correct.

17 November, 2015
Don Wibier (DevExpress)
Don Wibier (DevExpress)

Hi Raju,

all ASP.NET Rich Edit features (including tables, headers etc) will be available in MVC version as well.

17 November, 2015

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