Meetup impressions in Haarlem

At November 15th, we had our first meetup at “De Philharmonie” in Haarlem, The Netherlands.


In this beautiful building, we had some drinks and good conversations. It was nice that there was variety in technologies being used so I talked about WinForms, WPF, MVC, XPO, XAF, DevExtreme and dotnet Core. A couple of customers were investigating technologies for upcoming projects.

Because of that we decided to do an ad-hoc presentation specific to the questions of our customers. I highlighted some features of DevExtreme, the powerful scaffolding features for WinForms and WPF and finalized the session with some info on what to expect in the near future from both Microsoft and DevExpress.








We’d like to thank all of you who joined us.

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Average age of participants is what, 40? What happened to the young geeky types?

17 November, 2016

The young geeks  just got old, like everybody :-)

21 November, 2016

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