DevExpress Meetups: Impressions from Frankfurt

06 December 2017

Last week, John and I organized another meetup in Frankfurt Germany.  We hosted this one in the Ambassador Club on the 7th floor of Fleming’s Selection Hotel in Frankfurt-City. Almost everybody who registered showed up and we talked about virtually all the product lines we have.

Below is an impression of the Frankfurt Meetup:


We are looking to organize some more meetups. Let me know which location would be convenient for you!

4 comment(s)
Ralf Grenzing

Hamburg would be great!

6 December, 2017

I vote for Cologne!

Wouldn't it be possible to do this during normal business hours?

6 December, 2017
Christian Wolff

I vote for Cologne too.

6 December, 2017
Richard Sykora

i vote for vienna!

10 December, 2017

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