ASP.NET Core & WebForms Bootstrap - Control Enhancements (v18.1)

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30 May 2018

We have added a couple of nice enhancements on several of our WebForms Bootstrap controls which I’d like to highlight in this post.

For all of you familiar with our ‘regular’ WebForms controls these useful additions might look familiar and guess what?
You’re right!

Like Mehul mentioned several times on blogposts and webinars, these Bootstrap controls are based on our WebForms controls with the exception of layouting, styling and rendering. Because of that, features that we build for WebForms will appear in the Bootstrap Controls as well.

Let’s take a look what has been added in v18.1:

Layout Control

Layout groups

One of my favorite controls, the Form Layout Control now  supports ‘Layout Groups’ as well as ‘Tabbed Layout Groups’.

These Layout Groups serve as containers for Layout Items and allow you to create awesome looking and well organized forms. A Layout Group can be displayed as a card with caption and border.

Click here to test this feature on our demo site

Tabbed Layout groups

Tabbed Layout groups are supported as well and serve as a containers for layout items as well as layout groups.

Click here to test this feature on our demo site

Bootstrap Menu

NavBar mode

One of the things that comes with the Bootstrap framework is the navigation menu which changes appearance on different screen dimensions. When you look at it on a big screen, the menu looks like an ordinary horizontal (pulldown) menu but when it’s being displayed on a smaller screen, it switches from a menu to a navbar when clicking the hamburger menu.

In our v18.1 release we have embedded this behavior in our Bootstrap Menu control. To use this feature, the only thing you need to do is enable the SettingsBootstrap.NavBarMode property.

Click here to test this feature on our demo site


ListBox Filtering

The ListBox now supports filtering data. The integrated search UI allows users to enter a search string which will cause the control to only display the items matching the criteria. This results in a smaller list with items to select from.
Take a look at the FilteringSettings property to see the settings related to the filtering functionality.

Click here to test this feature on our demo site

ListBox - Select All

Another small but excellent addition to the ListBox is the ‘Select All’ option. When you set the SelectionMode property to CheckColumn, and you enable the EnableSelectAll property on the ListBox, the ‘Select All’ checkbox will be shown in the header of the ListBox.

Click here to test this feature on our demo site

Try it?

Did you know that you can test this feature together with all the other exciting new DevExpress candy even if you’re not a customer (yet)?
Feel free to download a free 30-Day trial version of our award winning controls!

What do you think?

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