NDC Oslo 2018 Impressions

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20 June 2018

Last week, John and I where in Oslo for the NDC Oslo 2018 Edition.

It was, as expected, a big and awesome conference with top speakers and a lot of attendees. Some of the speakers stopped by our booth to say 'hi'.

There was a lot of interest in our v18.1 release, and a ran demos on all of our products. On the second day there was the attendee party with the best Norwegian 80's & 90's cover band Loveshack.

We organized daily raffles for DevExpress backpacks or even a platform subscription of choice!

To find out what NDC Oslo was all about, check the pictures below to get an impression:

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Paul Harrington
Paul Harrington

So did you have an opportunity to attend the Blazor presentation by Steve Sanderson?

It was pretty awesome. Looking forward to DevExpress working with Blazor.

28 June 2018

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