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15 July 2019

Last week, John and I put up our booth at the DeveloperWeek Nuremberg. This time we were able to do something extra – we put up a putting green.

We did a small contest on the putting green to win some additional prices depending on the number of balls putted.

I had a very well attended session about Generics and Abstract Classes in C# and people came to our booth with question about it afterwards.

Besides my session, we did a lot of demos on DevExtreme, CodeRush, WPF and reporting and even Scott Hunter from Microsoft stopped by which gave me the opportunity to show our new Blazor control set.

I was also able to discuss some technical details on WPF and WinForms running on .NET Core 3.

Below is an impression what DeveloperWeek Nuremberg is all about

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Baldur Fürchau
Baldur Fürchau
It would be nice, if you find a location in Düsseldorf;-).
16 July, 2019
Don Wibier (DevExpress)
Don Wibier (DevExpress)

Hi Baldur,

We where at the .NET Cologne conference back in May:

Please keep an eye at my blog around the same time next year. We might be there again! 

16 July, 2019

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