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  • Standard images - what do you need?

    Our final release of XAF will contain a collection of images that can be used and deployed with your applications. We are currently in the process of planning this in detail, and we’d like to get some feedback on the kinds of images you’d like to see in this collection. This depends largely on the types of applications you are going to create, so please let us know what you have in mind.

    Images are needed for two different purposes in an XAF-based application. First, we have an image to symbolize each top level class (like in the navbar in the Windows Forms app). These would be things like “Order”, “Sale” or “Invoice”, entries that you would like to see in the top level navigation.

    Second are the actions, which appear as entries in (context) menus and/or as buttons or other controls on toolbars. Examples for this might be “Compare to order” (available when viewing delivery data) or “Calculate summaries”, that kind of thing.


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