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  • Vote for my TechEd US BOF session, please!

    I have submitted a BOF (that's birds of a feather, btw) session for TechEd US. Unfortunately there's an ugly voting process in the way - so here's a chance for you to help me get in by voting for us! Yes, that's everybody - whether you're going to be there or not ;-)

    Here's the page where the voting takes place. Very easy and quick. And the title of the BOF session is this:

    Benefits of Functional Programming ideas in the context of parallelization efforts

    I know that Mark and Paul have also submitted sessions, but last time I looked, they were not in the list yet. Maybe they're going to be added by the time you get there - in any case, the titles of these two sessions are these:

    High-speed Development in C# and VB with CodeRush Xpress

    Data Access Layer Tools and Practices: What works and what doesn't?


    Thanks for your help, much appreciated!


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