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  • XAF Goes Mobile: CTP Version Ships with v15.2.9


    Refer to the eXpressApp Framework > Getting Started > XAF Mobile (CTP) Tutorial article to learn more on the new Mobile UI, which is technically is a single-page HTML5/JavaScript application (SPA) based on DevExtreme components that is ready to be compiled by Apache Cordova (PhoneGap) into a native package that can then be submitted to app stores.


    The eXpressApp Framework (XAF) team has been working hard to add a mobile UI option to your existing or new projects and we are ready for the first public preview. This new feature will let you easily create iOS and Android apps in addition to WinForms and ASP.NET UI options already available to you. The mobile apps will reuse the database, as well as certain aspects of the data model, application logic and UI settings of your existing XAF applications. This will help you avoid all the routine work that would take days or weeks of development efforts if building those mobile apps from scratch.

    XAF Mobile App UI

    We’ve already shown this functionality to a small group of XAF developers at the end of last year and got lots of useful feedback. The team has fixed issues and incorporated a number of improvements and we now feel that the framework is ready to go public. 

    Certain aspects of the new functionality will change and we'd like to think that your feedback will play an important role in that. Please use the resources in this email to evaluate the new features and share your opinion with us.


    Review the Demo App

    Start your evaluation by reviewing a sample mobile application hosted on Azure. Either use the browser-based simulator or try it on your smartphone by simply scanning the QR code.

    Run the Demo


    Build a Mobile App Yourself

    We encourage you to follow the tutorial below to create a mobile app based on your own XAF solution. The article uses the Project Manager demo as an example, but you can apply the same steps to any XAF project.

    Follow the Tutorial


    Review Frequently Asked Questions

    To learn more about the capabilities and limitations of the XAF Mobile UI, review the knowledge base article that answers the most frequently asked questions.

    Read FAQ


    Complete the Survey: Help Prioritize Future Development

    Complete the following survey so we can learn more about the types of application you’re looking to build. We know your time is valuable so we’ve limited it to only 5 questions and the entire survey shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes.

    Complete the Survey


    Contact Us via the Support Center

    We are also looking forward to your reports via the Support Center. Please submit separate tickets for each problem or question for better tracking. Thank you for your help!


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