DevExtreme React Grid - Filtering Improvements (Coming Soon)

For the next release of the React Grid, we are currently finalizing some advanced filtering functionality. Of course filtering has been supported before — but this new feature set makes it much more convenient for the end-user!

What we’ve done

The grid will support a standard set of filter predicate types, and a UI for an end-user to apply those. Similar to our grids for other platforms, the functionality will be integrated in the filter row, providing a menu where filter criteria can be chosen per column:

Standard Filters

Per-column restrictions

It will be possible to customize the available predicate types for individual columns. The DataTypeProvider will provide the new property availableFilterOperations for this purpose. This example restricts the predicate types for the amount column to a (random) selection of three:

  availableFilterOperations={['equal', 'greaterThan', 'greaterThanOrEqual']}

Custom predicates

Finally, you will also be able create custom predicate types, and to define the names and icons they use for the UI menu.

Custom Predicates

To illustrate this, here are the code snippets that add the month predicate to the list in the image. This is the custom icon:

const FilterIcon = ({ type, ...restProps }) => {
  if (type === 'month') return <DateRange {...restProps} />;
  return <TableFilterRow.Icon type={type} {...restProps} />;

Then there’s the implementation of the custom predicate itself:

const filteringColumnExtensions = [
    columnName: 'saleDate',
    predicate: (value, filter, row, defaultPredicate) => {
      if (!filter.value.length) return true;
      if (filter && filter.operation === 'month') {
        const month = parseInt(value.split('-')[1], 10);
        return month === parseInt(filter.value, 10);
      return defaultPredicate(value, filter, row);

And finally, the JSX code where the custom elements are integrated:

  availableFilterOperations={['month', 'contains', 'startsWith', 'endsWith']}
<IntegratedFiltering columnExtensions={filteringColumnExtensions} />
  messages={{ month: 'Month equals' }}

Do you have any thoughts?

We are currently finalizing our implementation of these new features, which will become available with our next release. At this stage, we’re very interested in any thoughts you might have, whether it’s on the feature set as such or our implementation specifically. Please feel free to comment below, or take part in the discussions on our GitHub page.

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