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27 December 2018
We are finalizing our 2019 Roadmap and would like to hear from those of you using our JavaScript libraries. Your feedback will help us better prioritize features and optimize use of resources.


Remote Data Paging

In 2019, we will give you the option to use partial aggregated data loading from a remote server. This new feature will work with both the Pivot Grid’s pager control (horizontal and vertical) and via virtual scrolling. 

Chart Annotations

Annotate your charts with custom labels. 

Scrollbar as RangeSelector in Charts

Enhance a chart scrollbar to show the chart preview with range selection capability.  This feature can help visualize long time-based series with zooming/scrolling enabled.

Zooming in Polar Chart

Enable zoom for the Polar Chart.
Based on feedback we’ve received to date, customization is crucial to many of you. We are going to dedicate significant resources to address limitations in this regard.

Legend Enhancements

We are considering the following legend features:
  • Add legend title.
  • Custom item order.
  • Custom item bullets.
  • Item grouping.
  • Hide legend items for empty series.
  • Extract the legend as a standalone widget.
  • Add a legend to the Bar Gauge.
  • Display a legend inside a Pie or Donut.

Resolve Label Overlaps

In certain usage scenarios, our JavaScript Charting library can properly resolve label overlaps. We want to improve our product so that it can address the following use-cases: 
  • Resolve labels overlaps for constant lines and strips.
  • Resolve labels overlaps in Funnel Chart.
  • Resolve cross-series label overlaps.
  • Resolve label overlaps in Bar Gauge.

Other Chart/Gauge Enhancements

Feature Group 1
  • Word-wrap within legend items, labels and titles.
  • Extend available Chart/Gauge events (context menu event, element click or double click).
  • Set the custom position of axis (enable quadrants).
  • Manage exported chart layout (layout by columns, etc.)
Feature Group 2
  • Display a tooltip only on point/series hover.
  • Support custom points, labels, tooltip rendering using templates.
  • Display custom text inside a Pie or Donut.
  • Enable z-index for constant lines (to bring them behind or in front of other series).
  • Specify the size of a chart pane (for multi-pane charts).
Feature Group 3
  • Support custom styles of Chart/Gauge elements (gradients, patterns, background images, etc.)
  • Display negative values for logarithmic scales.
  • Use multiple colors for a single series (based on value/argument).
  • Display total value labels for stacked series.
  • Animate zoom-in and zoom-out transition.

Chart Themes

We will update our Charting library so you can customize its appearance via the DevExtreme Theme Builder.

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Mohsen Abo-Ghaly
Mohsen Abo-Ghaly

DevExtreme is great product line, we like it. but the plan looks modest.. where are the reports?

27 December 2018
Alex B (DevExpress)
Alex Bykov (DevExpress)

@Mohsen Thank you for your kind feedback. Please don't miss other Roadmap posts related to DevExtreme and Reporting. Note that more posts with DevExtreme plans are coming shortly.

27 December 2018
Mohsen Abo-Ghaly
Mohsen Abo-Ghaly

Hello Alex B,

Thanks for your reply. I got it now... regarding to reports we expect special reports widgets for DevExtreme and reports demo are not within the DevExtreme demos?


28 December 2018
Alex B (DevExpress)
Alex Bykov (DevExpress)

Hello @Monhsen,

Please take a look at

Could you also clarify which technology you are using for building UI (ASP.NET, Angular, React, Vue)?

18 January 2019

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