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29 December 2018
As you may already know, DevExtreme ships with three native React components. The purpose of this blog post is to solicit feedback from those of you using our native React components for Bootstrap and Material-UI. We want to know which of the following features/capabilities are most important to you and what you’d like to see us add to this product line next year.

Native React Grid

Virtual Scrolling with Remote Data (Lazy-loading)

At present, virtual scrolling only works with local data. We want to extend this feature and make virtual scrolling available when using remote data. Once implemented, a visible data range will be requested and rendered from the server.

Scroll To Row

Programmatically scroll to a specified row when using virtual scroll mode.

Drag-and-drop Row Reordering

Allow users to reorder rows within the Grid via drag-and-drop.

Inline Cell Editing

Improve cell editing by placing a cell into edit mode when clicked (without the need to press the edit button in the edit column). Changes can be committed when the cell loses focus or via an explicit action (such as a ‘save’ button click).

Export to Excel

Export the contents of the DevExtreme React Grid to Excel (including options to configure formatting).

RTL Support

Update the Grid so that it supports Right to Left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew.

List View (adaptive mode)

Render/display records as a traditional list with a custom, responsive layout (for improved usability on mobile devices).

Native React Scheduler

Drag-and-Drop Support

Allow users to modify appointment start/end date and time via drag-and-drop.

Resources & Grouping

 Assign resources to appointments and visualize appointments grouped by resources.

Recurring Appointments

Allow users to specify recurrence patterns for an appointment.

Agenda View

A compact appointment list view - A good choice for appointment visualization on mobile devices.


This popular scheduler view is a long scrollable time range divided by smaller time intervals. You can find some examples here.

Bootstrap Rendering

At present, native React Scheduler supports only Material-UI rendering. We want to extend it with Twitter Bootstrap 4 rendering. You will be able to apply Bootstrap themes with ease.

Native React Chart

Scrolling & Zooming

We expect to introduce zoom and scroll to our Chart widget.


The crosshair pointer allows a user to determine the argument and the value of a specific point more precisely.

Point Aggregation

Point aggregation allows you to visualize more data within a smaller range. You’ll be able to apply different aggregate functions such as count, min, max, and average.

Transitions on Update

When a chart data source is updated, a transition can be applied to the chart. This makes it more attractive and improves user experience.

Bubble Series

This series can be used when you need to visualize a data set with three dimensions. The third dimension is visualized by a bubble size.

Range Bar Series

This type of series visualizes a value range with a single argument. Data is displayed as sets of rectangular bars beginning at a specified start value and ending at a specified end value.

Range Area Series

Range area series can be used to display value ranges corresponding to specified arguments. Data is displayed as a colored region between the line that joins the beginning and the line that joins the end series points.

OHLC Series

OHLC series is used to visualize stock or other price changes within a given period.

Axis Synchronization

If you have more than one value axis on a chart, individual grid lines (or ticks) may be misaligned. Axis synchronization aligns grid lines and improves a chart’s appearance.

Export Chart to Image/PDF

All the features listed herein are important and we plan to implement all of them over the next few release cycles. Please tell us what you’d like to see implemented first.

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