DevExtreme for Vue - 70+ UI and Data Visualization Vue Components Available as RTM (v18.2)

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27 February 2019

Great news - the DevExtreme Vue Components are now available as RTM! We have tested and finalized the functionality of our excellent Vue Components. Our support people are happy to help you with any issues you encounter and give you the help you need to use DevExtreme widgets in your Vue apps.

We're still working on improving our documentation and demos but rest assured, they'll be released soon. Let's take a look at what this release offers you.

DevExtreme Base

We revised the existing functionality to ensure our Vue Components are ready. Under the hood, they use the DevExtreme core which is written in pure JS. This allowed us to focus on integrating excellent DevExtreme features like templating for the Vue ecosystem.

Our components support all essential Vue features like 2-way data binding using .sync or v-model directives or handling events through the v-on(@ shorthand) directive as well as defining widget templates through Vue slots and options validation.

Therefore, you benefit from both Vue's flexibility and DevExtreme's rich functionality. Learn more here.

Configuration Components

To easily set up our widgets with their detailed options we implemented configuration components. These are elements that are nested in code as if they represented sub-elements of a widget, but technically they only carry the configuration data. This means that options can be supplied declaratively and selectively, with default fallbacks in place. Also with configuration-components, the options control can be more precise by using the .sync directive for props.

Read the documentation topic to learn more.


Test Online Demos here.

Limitations / Plans

Currently, not all demos are available for Vue though we're working on finishing them for a future release. We’re also enhancing and improving the documentation.

Test It Today

To use DevExtreme Vue Components install the package(s) from npm:

npm install --save devextreme devextreme-vue

Installation details here.


We are interested to hear your thoughts on the DevExtreme Vue components. Please answer the following short survey. Then leave a comment below, thanks.

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Leon Bost
Leon Bost

Awesome... I will check it out next week.

27 February 2019
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Thanks Leon, let us know your experience please.

4 March 2019

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