DevExtreme React Scheduler - New Native React Component CTP (v1.10.3)

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04 March 2019

Our Native React product family has a new member: a scheduler component. We released it as a CTP version with v1.10.3 of the DevExtreme Reactive components. An overview of the new component can be found here.

The new component is based on the same plugin-based architecture we first developed for our React Grid. It supports both controlled and uncontrolled state modes, like our othe components. At this time, Material-UI is supported for rendering and theming of the component.

Appointment Types

Two appointment types are currently supported: one-time appointments and all-day appointments. Support for recurring appointments is part of our plans.

Appointment Types

Documentation and demos are available here

View Types and View Switcher

The current version supports three view types: Day, Week and Month. Using a built-in view switcher, end users can change the current view.

View Types and View Switching

Here are related documentation and demos


An edit form is supported at this stage to edit appointments at runtime. We plan to implement drag&drop editing operations and resizing soon.


Editing Documentation and Demos are here

Date Navigator

The DateNavigator plugin provides navigation functionality for the user, either using previous/next page buttons or a date selector.

Date Navigator

Here are documentation and demos about date navigation

Appointment Tooltip

The AppointmentTooltip plugin is available to show appointment details to the user when the mouse hovers over an appointment.

Appointment Tooltip

Try It Today!

You can install the package and its dependencies like this:

npm install --save @devexpress/dx-react-core @devexpress/dx-react-scheduler @devexpress/dx-react-scheduler-material-ui

Your Feedback Is Important

All comments are appreciated, so please feel free to add them to this post or to open a Support Center or GitHub ticket for further discussion. It would be great if you could take the time to submit your answers to this short survey:

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