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15 November 2019

We have some great news about our React Chart widget – we published our first Release.

As you may know, we’ve been working hard since our Beta announcement in March to address issues, improve and stabilize the API, and implement a few new features.

Rotated Chart

Set the rotated property to true and the React Chart will be rotated, effectively swapping the value and argument axes. This feature works with all supported series types and chart configurations.

A demo is available here

Rotated Chart

Zoom and Pan

To learn more about zoom and pan support, please refer to the following blog post: DevExtreme React Chart - Zoom and Pan (v19.1).

Zoom & Pan

Type and Identifier Name Changes

As part of our release process, we reviewed names of types and other identifiers in our React Chart library and applied a few changes to simplify future maintenance. If you have written code that utilizes the React Chart widget, please be aware that some of these changes may affect you. Please review the BREAKING CHANGES section in our changelog to learn more and apply the appropriate change(s) to your code.

The Future

We remain committed to React and are currently implementing many features from our React Chart roadmap. If you are considering React for your next project, please join the conversation and share your thoughts with us via our GitHub repository.

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