DevExtreme React Scheduler - Enhanced Rendering for Overlapped Events/Appointments (An Update to our Roadmap)

Wanted to keep everyone in the loop about a change to our React Scheduler’s v20.2 Roadmap.
We’ve updated our Roadmap with a new feature – one that will improve the presentation of overlapped event/appointment information. This new implementation replaces our plans for a “Compact Appointment View”.

v20.2 Roadmap Update: Enhanced Rendering for Overlapped Events/Appointments

We’ll significantly improve readability of our React Scheduler via efficient usage of available free screen space. In Week and Day views, overlapped appointments will be distributed evenly across the cell’s width and will consume as much space as possible. If enough room exists to display appointment title and dates, appointments are layered one above another.


We think this approach will significantly improve the usability of our React Scheduler control. Your feedback is always welcome. Please tell us what you think in the comment section below.

What’s New in v20.1

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This looks great!
22 May 2020

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