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05 June 2020
In October 2017, Bower announced maintenance mode for their package manager. Their official website encourages people to migrate to available alternatives. To quote Bower: “While Bower is maintained, we recommend using Yarn and Webpack or Parcel for frontend projects read how to migrate!”
Three years later, Bower is still available but is no longer considered as a dependency manager of choice by modern web projects. For instance, Angular and React discontinued Bower support in favor of NPM and Yarn. Microsoft created a separate library manager for quick migration: Libman.
DevExtreme and Web Reporting Bower packages are no longer available. While you can use Bower for previous versions (19.1 and older), we encourage you to migrate to modern package managers.
The following packages are available on NPM as an alternative:
Of course, you can also use Yarn to install these packages as well.
If you encounter issues during migration to NPM/Yarn, feel free to create a support ticket in the DevExpress Support Center. We will be more than happy to assist in the migration process.

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Mr Leigh
Mr Leigh

This is great news, we have been using these packages for quite some time via Libman. I only hope the issues with the "unpkg" manager would at some point be resolved. This is especially frustrating when builds fail on the Azure Pipelines due to errors such as "The "devextreme@18.2.7" library could not be resolved by the "unpkg" provider".

We did report this some time ago, however no solutions were available at that time for this issue: 

5 June 2020
Marina G (DevExpress)
Marina G (DevExpress)
@Mr Leigh
Thank you for your feedback. The issue with unpkg is still relevant since we receive rare reports about it. Unfortunately, this service is not under our control. In case it's not resolved by maintainers any time soon, we will consider using cdnjs as an alternative CDN to use with Libman.

9 June 2020

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