DevExtreme UI Components (v22.2) — Customization Enhancements (Angular, React, Vue, jQuery)

DevExtreme Team Blog
06 June 2023

In this post, we'll review a series of customization-related enhancements in our most recent major update (DevExtreme v22.2).

Should you have any questions about the features/capabilities outlined in this post, please submit a support ticket via the DevExpress Support Center.

Validation Message Position

You can use our new validationMessagePosition option to specify the position of a validation message relative to editor input position. This option accepts the following values:

  • 'bottom' (default)
  • 'top'
  • 'left'
  • 'right'
Validation message position


<TextBox validationMessagePosition="right"> 
        <RequiredRule message="Address is required" /> 

validationMessagePosition is set to 'left' for editors within the "Billing address" area in the following demo:

View Demo

Accordion — Title Templates for Individual Items

You can now define Accordion title templates for individual items (by using the titleTemplate property for each item). In the following image, the title of the first item uses a different style:

Accordion with title templates


<Accordion ... > 
titleRender={() => (<b>First item title</b>)} > Item content </Item> </Accordion>

CheckBox — Cycle Through Three State

v22.2 ships with an additional CheckBox value change mode. In this mode, each click cycles through three component states – checked, unchecked and indeterminate.

Use the enableThreeStateBehavior option to enable this feature.

CheckBox in three states



View Demo

Form — Custom Label Template

Previously, the Form component could only display text labels. You can now use the label.template property to define a custom template and display images or other rich content within an editor’s label.

Form with custom labels


<DxForm ... > 
    <DxItem ... > 
        <DxLabel template="emailLabel"/> 
    <template #emailLabel="{ data }"> 

View Demo

DateBox — Customize Today Button Text

You can now change display text for the Today button (in 'date' and 'datetime' modes). Simply pass a string with your custom text to the todayButtonText property.


    todayButtonText="This very day" 

Range Bar Chart — Minimum Bar Size

If the smallest value in a Range Bar Chart data source differs substantially from the largest value, small values are visualized using tiny bars (making interaction difficult). In such instances, you can use the new minBarSize property to specify a minimal possible bar size in pixels.

Chart with minBarSize specified
<dx-chart ... > 
    <dxo-common-series-settings ... 

View Demo

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