DevExtreme v24.1 — AngularJS End of Life

DevExtreme Team Blog
17 June 2024

With our most recent major update (v24.1), DevExtreme no longer includes an integration/angular module. As such DevExtreme v24.1+ will not work in AngularJS-powered applications.

DevExtreme v24.1 - AngularJS End of Life
Important: This change does not impact compatibility with the modern Angular framework. We only deprecated support for the legacy AngularJS framework.

The AngularJS team officially announced AngularJS end-of-life in January 2022. We removed AngularJS integration from our code to focus on the more modern and secure Angular framework.

To use DevExtreme v24.1+, you will need to migrate from the legacy AngularJS framework to Angular. For additional guidance in this regard, please review the following help topic: Angular - Upgrading from AngularJS to Angular.

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