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DevExtreme JavaScript Scheduler - UI, Time Zone, and Performance Enhancements (v21.1)
DevExtreme Scheduler – Virtual Scrolling (v20.2)
DevExtreme React Scheduler — Resources & Grouping (v20.1)
DevExtreme React Scheduler - Enhanced Rendering for Overlapped Events/Appointments (An Update to our Roadmap)
DevExtreme React Scheduler – UI Overview
DevExtreme DataGrid and TreeList - Reordering Records/Nodes and More (v19.2)
DevExtreme React Scheduler - Drag & Drop Editing (v19.1)
DevExtreme – Scheduler Adaptability & UX Enhancements (v19.1)
DevExtreme Reactive 2019 Roadmap – Your Vote Counts
DevExtreme Scheduler - Grouping Improvements and New Context Menu API (v18.1)
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