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27 April 2018

If you’ve yet explore the capabilities of Logify (our 24/7 crash monitoring service) please take a moment to visit logify.devexpress.com. For those currently using Logify, we wanted to take a brief moment and detail its newest features – Team Management.

As the name implies, this new feature allows you to group subscription members into teams and subsequently associate one or more applications to each team. Teams can include members with different access permissions. Team members can view/monitor assigned applications (process reports, modify application settings, create notifications, etc.) using Logify’s web interface.

Can Logify Team Management Help You?

Here are a few of the benefits you can expect once you begin using Logify’s Team Management feature:

Easily organize/manage the activities of individual teams within a single subscription. Your company does need to purchase multiple subscriptions to address the requirements of each team.

Each team is only responsible for the applications assigned to it. This allows team members to focus on relevant crash reports.

Teams allow you to better control access to application crash reports and application settings.

We use Logify within DevExpress to monitor internal test applications and application demos. We’ve divided all our developers into teams (ASP.NET Controls Team, WinForms Controls Team, DevExtreme Team, etc.). As you would expect, each team only reviews/processes crash reports generated by applications assigned to it.

Is Logify Team Management Easy to Use?

It only takes a few minutes to create teams for your Logify subscription. There’s no need to change your source code or configuration parameters. There’s also no need to redeploy your application or perform other time-consuming actions.

To get started, you simply need to create a team then add your application and users (with specified access permissions) to the team via Logify’s straightforward web interface.

Should you need additional information on this feature write to us at support@devexpress.com or visit our online help file at your convenience.

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