Logify - How to Start Your Free Trial and Monitor App Crash Events with a Few Lines of Code

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06 August 2019
In this short blog post (it’s short because Logify services are easy to integrate into any .NET product delivery process), I’ll show you how to get started with Logify and test-drive our 24/7 app monitoring platform with just a few lines of code.

Step 1: Begin Your Trial and Create a New Application

If you have yet to try Logify, please follow the steps below to create your first Logify-enabled application. If you already have Logify account, you can skip this section and move to the next step.
  • Visit the Logify web page and press the Start Trial button.
  • Log onto Logify using your existing DevExpress account (or create a new account).
  • Go to the Applications page and create a new application. Once you create an app within Logify, you will receive an ApiKey.
In the next step, we’ll use this ApiKey to register the application with Logify.

Step 2: Add Logify to Your Application

Basic Logify setup is very simple. You need to install the Logify NuGet package and specify the ApiKey for the Logify client (to begin automatic exception handling). The following example is for a WinForms app, but adding Logify is just as easy for other supported platforms (WPF, VCL, ASP.NET, etc) :
  • Install the NuGet package. Call the following command in the NuGet Package Manager Console:
    Install-Package Logify.Alert.Win
  • Add the following lines of code before the Application.Run() method:
    LogifyAlert.Instance.ApiKey = "SPECIFY_YOUR_API_KEY_HERE";

You are now ready to automatically track application exceptions. Execute your application and Logify will catch all unhandled exceptions within your app. You can review and process crash reports using Logify’s web interface: https://logify.devexpress.com/Alert/Reports

Note: Logify’s client installation and configuration differs slightly for each distinct app platform. Please review the following web page for specific setup instructions: Logify Basic Setup.

What’s New in v20.1

To explore the scope, breadth and capabilities of our new products/features, please visit: https://www.devexpress.com/Subscriptions/New-2020-1.xml.
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Just started my trial and implemented Logify into one of my products. It was super easy to setup and so far works as I need. 14 days is a bit short to really test it, as I need to redistribute an update containing the Logify addition. So far, I'm excited!

6 August 2019
Alex Bli (DevExpress Support)
Alex Bli (DevExpress Support)
Hi Vincent! If your redistribution process takes a lot of time, you can write to us, and we will extend your trial period.
6 August 2019
Stepan Lauryn
Stepan Lauryn

We actively USE LOGIFY for 14 months. We remove bugs and issues in the app faster and more efficiently. The development and support are satisfied with LOGIFY.

6 August 2019

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