Science of Great UI - World Tour

Will be presenting one of my favorite sessions, The Science of Great UI, at a number of upcoming events, including:

This session presents great design priniciples to developers with an emphasis on simplicity and clarity, and bridges the gap between code and customer. Here's the official description for this session:

Explore the how and why of great UI. If you believe you’re not an artist, that UI is merely subjective, or that a great UI is not worth the effort, then this session is for you. You’ll learn how to measure UI quality, covering user models, entry points, orienteering, and discoverability, with tips and code samples for the WPF and .NET developer sprinkled throughout. Regardless of whether you’re building WPF applications or the traditional Windows Forms or Web ones, you’ll learn how to reduce visual noise, lower barriers to entry, enhance clarity, and in general make your applications a pleasure to use. It’s all about making your customers happy and this session will show you how.

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