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  • I am the Egg Man


    I am the Egg Man!


    I am the...


  • From the DevExpress labs: Code Issues

    Hey kids,

    The IDE team is working hard finishing up the Code Issue technology and corresponding UX (User Experience). This technology allows us to highlight errors, warnings, hints, issues and code smells while you work. We've put a lot of effort into making it easy for customers to contribute new IssueProviders to the community. As we get closer to release, I'll write about how to do this.

    In the meantime, here's a partial list of IssueProviders expected to ship in the next release....

    • Hints
      • Delegate can be replaced with lambda expression
      • Environment.NewLine can be used
      • ForEach Action can be called
      • Initializer can be used
      • Member can be static
      • Member is not implemented
      • Null coalescing operation can be used
      • Property can be auto-implemented
      • Redundant delegate creation
      • Redundant constructor
      • Redundant partial modifier
      • Redundant String.Format call
      • String.Compare can be used
      • String.Format can be used
      • Ternary expression can be used
      • Type can be moved to separate file
      • Type name does not correspond to file name


    • Dead Code
      • Redundant base constructor call
      • Redundant destructor
      • Redundant else statement
      • Redundant field initialization
      • Redundant finally block
      • Redundant lambda parameter explicit type specification
      • Redundant private setter
      • Unused private member (known as Unused declaration)
      • Unused local (known as Unused declaration)
      • Unused setter
      • Unused type parameter (known as Unused declaration)


    • Warnings
      • Case statement does not explicitly handle all enum values
      • Case statement has no default branch
      • Undisposed local


    • Errors
      • Abstract members cannot be contained in nonabstract class
      • Constructor cannot call itself
      • Member names cannot be the same as their enclosing type
      • Undeclared element


    • Smells
      • Complex Member

    Note that customers can enable and disable these IssueProviders as desired, so if a particular provider isn't interesting to you, you can easily turn it off.

    Existing CodeRush customers interested in trying out this beta technology right now can get a daily build from Note: Code Issues in the daily builds are disabled by default and may need to be enabled on the Code Issues options page. Important: daily builds are not shipping technology, and great care should be taken when installed and used in production IDEs.

  • CodeRush wins Breakthrough Product of the Year at Tech Ed

    Hey kids,

    Boy, this was a surprise.

    Going into Tech Ed we were a bit flabbergasted about how CodeRush had been passed over in the nomination process for the Best of Tech Ed awards. The whole team puts everything they've got into this product, and so not even being nominated for an award was certainly disappointing.

    Nevertheless, we held our heads high and presented high-energy and popular demos on the show floor, with crowds pushing into the booth just across the way. And somehow (the theory goes), Tech Ed judges were among those in the crowd, and decided to bestow CodeRush (and Refactor! Pro) with the award for Breakthrough Product of the Year for 2008.

    Congratulations and my sincere thanks to the hard-working IDE Team at Developer Express.

    Everything we do at Dev Express is a collaborative effort with our customers. CodeRush wouldn't be so good if it were not for the excellent feedback and input we've received, so my sincere thanks to all of you.

  • Tech Ed Day 1 - Hanselman Stops By

     It's day one at Tech Ed, and in the middle of a CodeRush and Refactor! Pro demo, Scott Hanselman shows up.

    Most of the exchange is caught on video:

    Sound quality is a bit low. Here's a rundown of what we were discussing:

    • I briefly show Scott the new Code Issues UI.
    • Scott sees a formatted comment, and that derails the discussion to focus on the WYSIWYG editing of formatted text in comments.
    • Scott asks to see Reorder Parameters. There's no modal dialogs in any refactoring that ships with Refactor! Pro. That's cool because it's more efficient.
    • After finishing up demonstrating scores of amazing and powerful refactorings, I try to order a hit on that guy on the internet who said he only needed five refactorings. Jeeze.
    • Scott asks for clarifaction on price and content. Refactor! Pro is US$99 (that's about 5 Euros, I think), and CodeRush is US$249 (and includes Refactor! Pro)
    • I show Introduce Parameter Object. This has a great UI -- just select the parameters you want to combine and press the refactor key.
    • Scott, Gary, and Oliver start to spec out the beginnings of a killer application that models Scottish lads drinking at a pub. I implement the IDrink and IVomit interfaces per their spec, and then go on to implement the Pub class.
    • Scott and Gary find out they're both from the same small town!

    Thanks Scott for stopping by!

  • New Vid: CodeRush Navigation -- Markers and Tab to Next Reference

    This video shows two of my favorite CodeRush navigation features, Stack-based Markers and Tab to Next Reference. We feel we're on to something with regard to quality and content in this video, and we're likely to do more like this.

    Let me know what you think.

    Here's the link:

  • Kicking Butt, NOT Taking Names

    Hey Kids,

    If you're at Tech Ed 2008 for Developers here in Orlando, stop by the DevExpress booth and take in one of our lucious demos.

    We're showing amazing controls, the powerful XAF, and killer dev tools CodeRush and Refactor! Pro.

    The extended Refactor! Pro demo borders on amazing, as you can see many of the 150 refactorings currently shipping. If you think you only need a small handful of refactorings to improve the quality of your code, come by for a real eye-opener. Again and again nods came from devs crowded around our booth, as we showed feature after feature that did what devs do all the time, only much, much easier.

    The CodeRush demo is also compelling, and offers insight into the fastest, most efficient way to write code.

    And if you do stop by the booth, don't worry about being scanned and then spammed. DevExpress doesn't scan badges and won't be sending you any unwanted email.

    Note: We're also recording much of what we do -- expect those videos to come online soon.


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