Kicking Butt, NOT Taking Names

Hey Kids,

If you're at Tech Ed 2008 for Developers here in Orlando, stop by the DevExpress booth and take in one of our lucious demos.

We're showing amazing controls, the powerful XAF, and killer dev tools CodeRush and Refactor! Pro.

The extended Refactor! Pro demo borders on amazing, as you can see many of the 150 refactorings currently shipping. If you think you only need a small handful of refactorings to improve the quality of your code, come by for a real eye-opener. Again and again nods came from devs crowded around our booth, as we showed feature after feature that did what devs do all the time, only much, much easier.

The CodeRush demo is also compelling, and offers insight into the fastest, most efficient way to write code.

And if you do stop by the booth, don't worry about being scanned and then spammed. DevExpress doesn't scan badges and won't be sending you any unwanted email.

Note: We're also recording much of what we do -- expect those videos to come online soon.

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