New Vid: CodeRush Navigation -- Markers and Tab to Next Reference

03 June 2008

This video shows two of my favorite CodeRush navigation features, Stack-based Markers and Tab to Next Reference. We feel we're on to something with regard to quality and content in this video, and we're likely to do more like this.

Let me know what you think.

Here's the link:

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Steve Schoon-CTS

Love It!  It's a really effective way to demonstrate the product.

3 June, 2008
Geoff Davis

Yeah I agree, keep em coming Mark.

3 June, 2008
Branko Starasinic

It was great! Short and right to the topic. I liked the DNR TV show too. The only problem with the DNR TV show is that I can't find an hour to watch it in one piece. It is a little annoying to search for the place where I ended last time.

Keep them coming!

4 June, 2008
richard morris

It never fails.  Every time I see Mark do a demo I learn something new about CodeRush (shift+esc), and I have been using CodeRush for over a decade.

4 June, 2008
Robert Kozak

Yeah Mark Im very impressed with the number and quality of the videos coming out recently.

It makes it so much easier to evangelize DevExpress to the 6 people still out there that haven't heard of you guys.

4 June, 2008
Simon Gillbee

Excellent video... I too manage to learn something new each time I see Mark demo CR (shift+esc for me 2).

I'd love to know more details about how you produced the video:

* What's that "keys" view? Very nice

* How did you transition from face to screen to face? Is that post-processing or live? It looked like a live cut. I'm going to guess that you're using Camtasia and that this is a Camtasia feature I wasn't aware of.

Please follow-up with a blog post about how to effectively produce training videos like this. Very effective!

4 June, 2008
Claudio Lassala

Great! Keep'em coming. I knew most of that stuff, but just learned about Ctrl+A to create the name of a parameter named after its type!

5 June, 2008
John Newcombe

Great stuff!!!!

Mark you need to do more of these so we can learn more keystrokes for CR.

5 June, 2008

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